The Meetings of the committee, until the latter half of the year 1984, dealt with routine matters, except the February 1984 Meeting at which the Main Roads Department advised that they were formulating plans for the construction of a bypass road, which may require the annexing of Golf Club land. The matter would drag on. It would not be until 1997 that positive action was taken, and discussions were again entered. At the same meeting a successful motion was moved, “that green fees for social players be increased from $4.50 to $5.00.”

A tree planting program was introduced in April 1984, 50 trees were planted and a further 30 trees were ordered for future planting. Trees were planted to the front of the present Second (11th) and sixth greens (15th) and included the group of fiddlewoods now growing on the right of the Second (11th) fairway.

The price of beer rose in August and members were advised of the rise, adding that a 7 oz beer would cost .70c and a 10 0z beer .90c. A matter of importance eventuated to take up the matter of the supply of sewerage effluent with the council, and to conduct a feasibility study for its use on the course.

Several meetings held in 1984 discussed the purchase of the adjoining land referred to as “Donaghys Paddock,” The Club in 1964 held an option on the purchase of this land, at a cost of £2,750.00 ($5,500.00), but considered the price too high. In September 1984 the land was evaluated at $250,000.00.
At that price the club was not interested, and no doubt rued the opportunity missed in 1964. The September meeting approved the purchase of a tractor at a cost of $21,000.00 but refused a request for the purchase of an office safe.

The March meeting discussed a report on the proposed alteration and renovation of the Clubhouse. The report estimated that the cost to carry out the alterations would be in the vicinity of $9,000.00. Renovations included the following—

  1. New bar and cold room to be sited where the notice and handicap boards are located, the area will also service the patio area (the present bar location)
  2. Relocation of the male toilet of bar to where existing office is.
  3. New office relocated to existing main entry
  4. New main entry where bar was located
  5. New ceiling linings with new floor carpets
  6. New quarry tiles in main entry and bar area. Kitchen to remain where is.

Reference to a re development of the course was made at the June 1985 meeting with a motion “that Mr. Ross Watson be approached to come to Cairns, and advise on the greens and course, at an approximate cost of $1,000.00.” Watson visited Cairns during the early months of 1986, after which plans were formulated for the redevelopment of the course.

Entrance Fees –

  • Members $125.00 Associates $70.00
  • Subscriptions –
     - Members $175.00 Associates $130.00
     - Working Juniors Members $95.00 (18-21) $125.00
     - Working Juniors Assocs. $65.00 (18-210 $90.00
     - Student Juniors - $20.00
     - Non-Playing Members/Assocs. $30.00
  • The Bar Prices 7 oz beer .77c
     - 10 oz beer $1.00
     - Stubbies $1.60

The commencement and finalization of clubhouse renovations were completed, with two more renovations to the clubhouse being completed before the turn of the century. The first alterations, mentioned above, resulted in the bar, cold room and storeroom being shifted to their present locations. The office was enlarged, but a manager’s office was not added until the third series of alterations, work was also performed to the patio area.

The second series of alterations were undertaken in the early 1990’s, resulting in the building of the strong room, tiling of the bar area, the shifting of honour boards and the replacement of the full-length sliding glass doors leading to the patio area, with the half glass, half concrete wall which is at present in situ.
The third and final renovations were performed and involved the building of the Porta Cochere at the entrance to the clubhouse, floor tiling, the construction of the manager’s office and the reversing of the two front entrances into the clubhouse. The continual swapping of the main entrance became a standing joke with members, as originally, the main entrance into the clubhouse was situated near the bar, with a smaller entrance into the foyer area. The entrances were swapped on at least three occasions, before the turn of the century.

Graeme Bell would resign as Professional of the club at the April 1986 meeting, with his place as professional taken by Half Moon Bay Professional Brett Wilson, whose appointment was confirmed in July 1986.

At the December 23 1985 committee meeting it was moved a successful motion “That the committee proceed to commission Mr. R. Watson to complete a design plan for the course as soon as possible.” Ross Watson was a principle in the golf course designing firm of Marsh, Watson and Company.
Due to lack of finance, the committee of the Cairns Club decided that it was necessary for the reconstruction of the course to be undertaken in stages and over a 10-year period. The actual date of the commencement of the reconstruction of the course was hard to ascertain, but it is reasonable to assume that work commenced in the second half of 1986, possibly October. This was desirable, as work on the re-construction was completed in stages, over the years. To enable golf to be played, it was necessary for the course to be re-arranged, nines reversed, and holes renumbered.
At 2007 with the Main Roads’ possible reclamation of the front of the club premises for highway construction, thoughts of a relocation of several holes and the clubhouse are in the minds of the committee. Though it is estimated that the new road will not start before 2015 plans are being prepared. The club has known of the intentions of the Main Roads since 1985. Construction of buggy concrete paths were completed in 2004-5 making the course fully equipped for wet weather play.

The reason for the construction of the dam on number 11 (2nd) hole - in the later half of 1968, the club experienced a severe water shortage. August to November were exceptionally dry and the club was in danger of losing its green. The construction of a dam in the wetlands area in the scrub to the left of the then 4th (13th) fairway was suggested to augment water supplies on the course. Other dams and catchment areas used were located to the left-hand side of the 13th fairway (4th), as well as a small dam sited behind the halfway house.
The construction of the new dam on the 11th (2nd)– After three months of very dry weather it was anticipated that the sinking of the dam would be easy, and the project was commended. In December 1968 after reaching two thirds of the required depth, water was struck, and work stopped. To complete the work a swamp dozer was hired. Experts predicted that the dozer “could walk on water” but when it became bogged too, the committee decided it was time to pull up stumps — the dam was never deepened.

A question on children roaming the course, searching for golf balls, during competitions, was discussed at the AGM, the practice was dangerous, the following motion was carried, “that the boys be permitted to be on the course, under the control of the club pro to collect balls but must be identified by an armband and that all balls be sold to the club professional only.” A further amendment added the following to the motion “by the wearing of a bright coloured t-shirt.”
The first female elected as a full member of the club, was approved by the January 1986 meeting, on a motion of Messrs. Campbell and Hayles, “Mrs. F Duff be admitted as a Full Member.”

During the meeting, the house chairman advised of a rise in the price of alcohol, which were – 5oz beer .58c, 7oz beer .80c 10oz beer $1.03c, stubbies $1.62, half nips of spirits .69c and 74.c with full nips being $1.17 and $1.30.

Subscription fees set for 1987 were -
Members $185.00 Associates $140.00
C/Members $ 70.00 C/Associates $ 50.00
Juniors (15-18) $100.00 Juniors (18-21) $135.00
Assoc. Juniors $ 70.00 Assoc. Juniors (18-21) $100.00
Student Junior $ 22.00 Non Playing $ 32.00

The January meeting discussed the standard of dress in the clubhouse and on the course, after which it was moved, “that the dress standards be altered to allow long sports socks to be worn on the course and in the clubhouse.” The motion passed. This was a first, as it allowed the wearing of quarter length ‘sports sox.’ The acceptance would be challenged at many annual meetings but would remain in force until the present time. Social play fees were set “that social green fees be increased from $6.00 to $7.00 from 1st April 1987.”

Timesheets were discussed at the February 1987 meeting with complaints about members writing their names on the sheets and then not showing up. After some discussion it was moved, “that any person who has entered his name on a time sheet and does not show up and has not called half an hour prior to the appointed time, will be written to, and asked to explain the reason for the ‘no show’. A ‘no show’ register be kept, and should a name appear twice on the register, the person be excluded from entering his name on a time sheet for a period of two weeks. Operative date of the motion to be Saturday 7th March 1987. The office to advise the captain or vice-captain of all ‘no show persons.” The meeting also resolved that no person may enter more than four names on a time sheet.

The first mention of fairway distance markings occurred at the 1987 March committee meeting, and it advised that blue stakes were placed on the sides of fairways indicating 150 metres from greens. Markings were further fine-tuned in 1995 when it was added a further mark at 100 metres. Although 100 metre markings were frowned on by the Q.G.U. No action was taken, and the markings remain, although colours have changed and a 200-marker placed on par 5’s.

The May 1987 meeting discussed the construction of “a motorised buggy storage area” with owners being charged rental. It was moved, “that owners of course golf carts be charged a rental for the privilege of being allowed to park them under the caretaker’s residence, such rental to be at the rate of $50.00 per annum for private carts, and $100.00 per annum for carts which were available for hire.” An amendment was then moved “that amounts in the motion be altered to read $50.00 and 75.00 respectively” A further amendment was then put “that the amounts in the motion be altered to read $75.00 and $200.00 respectively.” At the meeting of the committee held in January 1988 it was moved and carried “that fees for storage on the club’s premises be $100.00 and $75 for non-members and members respectively. Non-members referred to in this Motion are those who were the lessees of the hire carts.
Note – prior to 1997 the club did not have golf carts for hire, these being available from a consortium, including the professional — they were housed and serviced by the professional. Privately owned carts were parked under or near the caretaker’s residence.

A decision of great importance was made at the committee meeting held in June 1987 when the meeting resolved to relax the standard of dress in the clubhouse. Thongs were not allowed, but members could wear respectable footwear without the wearing of socks.

Bar prices were discussed at the September Meeting with increases as follows - 7 oz heavy beer .95c, 7oz light beer .90c, 10oz heavy beer $1.15c, 10oz, light beer $1.12c, and stubbies $1.80 each with a six-pack costing $7.50. However, the meeting held the following month reduced the price of stubbies to $1.70 each and a six pack to $6.60.

The October meeting of the committee agreed to the elevation of Miss Margot Allen to Life Membership. Annual subscription fees for 1988 were discussed at the November 1987 meeting it was moved. “that it be a recommendation to the annual meeting that fees for 1988 be increased and that there be included in the new fee, an allowance to cover the cost of a trophy (trophy levy) and further, that fees paid before March 1st be discounted, with fees paid in half yearly installments be premiered.” The motion was carried.

The Schedule of fees proposed were -

  • Members $215.00 Associates $155.00
  • C/Members $80.00 C/Associates $55.00
  • Juniors (15-18) $110.00 Juniors (18-21) $145.00
  • Jnr. Assoc. (15-18) $75.00 Jnr. Assoc. (18-21) $110.00
  • Student Juniors $25.00 Non-Playing $35.00
  • Nomination fees - Members $150.00 Associates $85.00


2023 centenery 12 brett wilsonBrett Wilson Club Professional 1986
2023 centenery 12 fay duffMrs Fay Duff 1st Female Full Member


2023 centenery 12 course 01Course before 1986
2023 centenery 12 course 02Proposed Construction


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