The first mention of motorised buggies was made to the December 1973 meeting, when it gave its approval for their use on the course, provided the carts had suitable tyres installed. The Green’s Director at the time was the first member to purchase and use a motorised cart on the Cairns course.

The Green’s Director advised the January meeting that green staff consisted of a Greenkeeper and three groundsmen. Approval was sought and given for the purchase of a new slasher/mower and a Rover 4 stroke mower at a cost of $800.00 and $169.00 each. Approval was given for an increase in beer prices – 7oz 19 cents 5oz 16 cents and 10oz 27 cents.

The minutes for February 1974 noted the inaugural visit by Cairns’ golfers to Mt Isa to compete in the City of Mt Isa Open. Twenty-five members made the trip, which became an annual pilgrimage, continuing for many years. In return, golfers from Mt Isa travelled to Cairns for the City of Cairns Open. Cairns golfers chartered an aircraft and were billeted on the Mt Isa course.

Early in 1974 the district was subjected to heavy rainfall and little play resulted, finances were affected, and records for February show the working account was overdrawn by $3,504.00. Up to 1974 the constitution restricted juniors under 18 years from becoming full members and was included in the Club’s constitution as a requirement of the Liquor Act. Mr. A. Murray recommended that an extraordinary meeting be called to amend the constitution, allowing them to become full members and the proposed draft amendment be submitted to the Licensing Commission for approval.

The Captain, advised the meeting that 52 replies were received on a poll to gauge members reaction to an all-inclusive annual green fee. 34 were in favour.
The question of green fees was discussed at the July meeting. It was decided to put the following fees to a special meeting of members to be held in August. The following fees were passed –

Weekdays .80c .70c .20c
Weekends .60c .50c .20c
Member from recognised clubs 1.50c 1.25c  
Other Vistors 2.50c 1.50c  

The regulations on correct dress were discussed at the September 1974 meeting, when it was resolved to replace the wording on the current dress signs in the Clubhouse and surrounds with the following “Minimum standard dress for Members – shoes, long socks, shorts, and shirts with sleeves”. Notices pertaining to the dress of Associates were left in their hands.

At the January 1975 meeting Mr. Hull asked that the Club run an Amateur City of Cairns to replace the Professional event terminated in 1974. An amateur event was scheduled. During 1975 a Junior Club was formed with the juniors forming their own executive, including a handicapper. A report to the February meeting of the Club indicated that 42 juniors had registered.
The February meeting confirmed that the Professional Tournament was cancelled, and that an amateur event would be held in 1975 with All Sports Day Wednesday, Associates Day on Thursday, and the Amateur Championships would commence on Friday and continue until Sunday.
The May meeting on a successful motion was moved, “the maximum handicap for members in club competitions be set at a maximum of 24.”

The concessions to former members were discussed at a special meeting held during the year, moved a successful Motion, “that financial members who had resigned be re admitted without payment of a Nomination fee, at the discretion of the committee.” This ruling would remain in force until the late 1990’s when a clause was added to restrict the concession to a specified period.

Due to a lack of finance the clubhouse, which was opened in 1971, was not fully completed, and the outdoor patio had an earthen floor and was not covered. The associates agreed to provide finances for the area to be covered, and the work was completed by April 1976, it would be months before a concrete floor was laid.

During the years 1975 to 1976 the clubhouse would be a popular venue for dances and other forms of night entertainment. To overcome problems with the licensing commission regarding visitors to the Club, the committee introduced a scheme whereby patrons at dances, etc., were issued a social membership, upon payment of their entrance fee. During 1976 a dispute arose between the Club and the licensing commission over the legality of the above functions, ending in the commission withdrawing further permits. Months would pass before a satisfactory solution was found and permits approved.

In 1976 the committee resolved the colours of the Club would be royal blue and red.
Handicap limits for members be 24 for all Four ball events over 18 holes, and those events declared as major events.” It was also successfully moved “that a minimum of twenty (20) players be necessary for a field competing for trophy purposes. For a field of less than twenty, play will be for sweepstakes only.” Reciprocal rights were decided at this meeting when it was successfully moved. “That persons permanently residing in the Cairns area are not entitled to reciprocal rights in the Cairns Golf club.

Also moved successfully that the secretary purchase additional lockers, at a cost of $40.00 each. The purchase of a further 100 pine trees from the Department of Forestry, for replanting on the course, was approved, and during 1976 a tree planting project was commenced. The pines were planted on the old 9th, 10th, and 13th fairways but would prove unsuitable, due to problems caused by the dropping of acorns growing on the tree. Years later it was discovered that to grow trees successfully on certain parts of the course, it was necessary that they be planted on mounds.

The annual meeting set the following fees for 1977 -

  SubscriptionsEntrance Fee
Members $75.00 $45.00
Associates $47.00 $25.00

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