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Round The Traps

Round The Traps - 18th October 2018
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G'day Members,

It was nice to see a few millimetres of rain in the gauge over the past week. The course has definitely benefited and looks a little greener for it. But those of you that have been getting the extra run on the fairways have nothing to worry about as there is still plenty of run around.

Tip of the cap goes to our Course Super Tim Hoskinson and the team who installed a significant amount of sub soil drainage into the 10th fairway recently. The 10th and 18th fairways tend to be the wettest after main events and have been for many years. The subsoil drains and reshaping of the spoon drain on the left hand side should assist in the fairway drying out much quicker. The works will also assist the team in maintaining the area as well as picking up range balls that end up in the drain. A big thanks goes out to Cairns Regional Council and their Go Clubs Division for their “in kind” donation of the excavator and operator to conduct the works at a considerable saving to the Club.

Over the past few weeks the Club has had some unwanted visitors. 2 sets of Members Clubs were stolen from the Mens Locker Room and in a separate incident, the toilet door on the halfway house was severely damaged. Of particular concern is the disappearance of the Members Golf Clubs and we are investigating a number of different ways to secure this area better. It is highly likely that we will be installing gates and fencing down the southern end of the Clubhouse building. Effectively the fencing will close off the small carpark (except Saturdays or busy periods) and access to the Locker Rooms from the Southern end of the building. I understand this will cause some inconvenience to Members who for many years have parked down there, grabbed their clubs and slipped out on course. But please keep in mind the inconvenience caused to the 2 Members who had their clubs stolen. We are also investigating the installation of card swipe type locks onto the both the Mens & Womens Entry Doors. For clarity, the Clubs Insurance policy does NOT cover Members equipment stored on site. Members are encouraged to ensure their Home and Contents policies cover items stored off site from their home premises, even with the impending addition of the new security measures at the Club.

The issue of Slow Play during Competitions is rearing its ugly head again. The Club has received a number of complaints recently with some gaggles at the end of Saturday Comp fields, experiencing 5 hour 20 minute rounds of golf. This is simply unacceptable and we will be renewing our efforts to ensure more acceptable 4 hour 30 minute rounds are being achieved. Our plan is a softly, softly method initially with gentle reminders for all players, but repeated slow play will likely see stronger sanctions. You can do your part by simply keeping up with the group in front and being at your starting tee time 5 minutes prior to your start time. While it might not seem like too big of an issue if your group only finishes 5 minutes behind the group in front… if the 5 groups behind you do the same, the last group in the field has already had 30 minutes added on to their time, before they even start. Please remember that the actions of your group impact on all the players behind you and their enjoyment of the game.

We have just ordered another 5 x Driving Range replacement netting panels which should be installed in approx. 6 weeks time. 3 of these panels will complete the entire right hand side of the Range (left side of 10th fairway) except for the very last panel, with the other 2 filling some vacant spot on the left of the range, providing even more protection for users of the practice chipping green.

On Thursday 1st of November, the Queensland Government’s Container Refund Scheme (CRS) kicks in State wide. The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of drink container litter and increase QLD’s recycling rate. Effectively, all eligible drink containers will have a 10 cent refund available if returned to approved collection point (which CGC is not). On the flip side all of our suppliers are raising their pricing by a minimum of 10 cents which unfortunately means we have to pass it onto the end consumer. The short version is that basically all eligible cans/bottles of drink sold at the club will see a minimum 10 cent per unit increase from November 1.

In closing, there’s been a bit of a hot topic around the Bar of late with the moving of the bar stools away from the bar. I’m the first to say I could have communicated it better to the regular users of the stools, I’ll put my hand up for that one. The bar stools were moved to give easier access to the Bar for all Members and visitors to the Club at all times. It is also significantly easier for staff to monitor service required while multi-tasking, which is a significant part of their job. It is very common practice now at most modern venues to not have stools at the Bar. In fact the staff and myself have received considerable positive feedback from a number of Members who previously felt intimidated trying to get a drink on busy competition days. The popularity of the high tables is leading me to source 3 or 4 larger, high bar rectangular tables to allow more space for caps, wallets, purses, golf stuff & drinks… as I know the round tables currently being used, are a little small. Thanks to all the Members who were so courteous and understanding with the staff through the transitional period.

Hope to see you Round the Traps!

Matt Bolton
General Manager

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After a very hectic September, we have spent the past couple of weeks catching up on some outstanding jobs. We have finished off the drainage work on the 10th and have been frantically watering the new turf trying to keep it alive. It has now taken root, and although it still looks a little off colour, it will green up nicely once we receive some decent rain. The aesthetic results seem great so far and I am very much looking forward to the first significant rainfall to test out the new drainage. At some stage in the future, we plan to finish off the shaping of the creek and remove the remaining Lomadra’s from alongside the driving range nets. Due to the extent of these works, they were unable to be completed as a single project.

The nursery has come along well and is now 4 weeks old. We continue to fertilise this and have been diligently picking out any weeds as they germinate. It will not be too much longer and we will be able to topdress and begin to mow this green. Once it is ready, we will be able to recommence our turf replacement programme on our greens. This new addition will really help us to continue to drive the standards of our playing surfaces forward.

The next couple of weeks will see us completing some more tidy up jobs and general maintenance in the lead up to course aeration. This renovation period we will be scarifying the greens in two directions, followed by coring, topdressing and fertilising. As always, it is never a popular time to play golf following these practices, however it is an essential part of our maintenance for the ongoing health of the greens.

After we did so much work to clear the Duckweed from the 11th lake, you may have noticed some weed has returned. Unfortunately, due to the clarity of the water following the removal of the Duckweed, this has allowed the sunlight to penetrate through to the submerged weed below. This weed has undoubtedly been there for many years, however continues to increase in size. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as fishing it out, as any pieces broken off form new plants in other locations. There are also very few chemical options to treat this, which leaves us in a difficult position. I am currently in the process of doing some more herbicide trials, as well as discussing various options with external parties, although there remains no silver bullet for this issue. This is a very important aspect of our operation as this is where we draw our irrigation water from, however we will find a resolution regardless of how creative we have to get.

In case you were wondering why the weeds love our irrigation lake so much, there are a few reasons; firstly, our irrigation water comes from the local wastewater treatment plant, which naturally has a high nutrient content, contributing to weed growth. Secondly, the water depth is so shallow, that it allows the water to heat up far more than a deeper water body. These submerged weeds thrive in warm waters, which is exactly what they are living in. Thirdly, the shallow, clear water allows sunlight through to the submerged plants. Most plants thrive in sunny conditions and these weeds are no exception. An ideal irrigation water storage is deep and cool, which is something that will be thoughtfully considered for any future irrigation planning.

On a personal note, I will be heading off for a couple of weeks at any stage now. My wife and I are expecting our first child, which we are both very excited about. No doubt there will be some new and interesting challenges in this stage of our life as well. Our Assistant Superintendent Marcus will be taking the reins and should have no issues keeping the course in great shape in my absence.

I have included some before and after photos of the drainage on the left of the 10th rough.
Until next time,
Happy Golfing.

Tim Hoskinson
Course Superintendent
The CGC match play championships are underway and we have seen a couple of upsets already. The top 16 overall gross scores from each grade in the Kahler Lawyers Club Championships automatically qualified for the match play championships. Please make contact with your opponent asap and organise you rounds by the specified date. Click on the below links for the full draw in each grade.

The summer cup qualifier was player last Saturday during the 4BBB Stableford. Well done to the top 16 teams who have qualified. For the final draw please click the below link.


The Cairns Golf Club is hosted the Westco Volkswagen Scramble on Sunday October 7th. Congratulations to all players who had a fun afternoon on course and well done to all place getters. In a very close event, only 1 shot separated First to Third. The winners have now qualified to the regional final to be played next year.
1st Darren Davison, Shane Barnes, Allen Gates, Warren Herkess 57 4 x Callaway Golf Bags
2nd Adam Williams, D.Walker, J. Walker, Rod Vissor 57 3/4 4 x Callaway Umbrella
3rd Steve Diehm, Paul Jeffery, Michael Arnold, Dirk Fallon 58 4 x Callaway Caps
Lucky Draw Steve Diehm, Paul Jeffery, Michael Arnold, Dirk Fallon   4 x polo shirts

5 Terry Burns 531 6x Chrome softs balls
8 Chris Lees 192 6x Chrome softs balls
11 Andrew Vearing 284 6x Chrome softs balls
17 Nathan Ardley 391 6x Chrome softs balls

5 Jessie Walker 358 6x Chrome softs balls
8 Lois Tate 513 6x Chrome softs balls
11 No winner   6x Chrome softs balls
17 No winner   6x Chrome softs balls

MEN Dan Ardley 6x Callaway Chrome Soft balls
WOMEN Jessie Walker 6x Callaway Chrome Soft balls

A reminder that the Cairns Golf Club is holding another Westco Volkswagen Scramble on Sunday 9th December @ 12.30 Shotgun start. The event is a 4 person Elimination Ambrose and the cost is $39.50 per player with each participant receiving 6 Callaway Supersoft golf balls as part of the entry fee, and play for a range of fantastic prizes. In addition, official partners ensure that the Volkswagen Scramble participant receives value for money by providing exclusive offers. To register, please visit www.vwscramble.com.au

Qualifiers will advance through to a Regional or State Final where they will be joined by a PGA Professional to make a team of five and compete for the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to the Championship Final on the Sunshine Coast.

Jason Roach
Director of Golf
100s Board:

12/10/2018 – Winning #33 – Jo Liddle
15th – 21st October
Weekly Sponsor
18th October
Cancer Council Charity Golf Day – midday shotgun start

27th October
Balcony Boys 2ball Ambrose

29th – 30th October
Greens Renovations

10th November

The Law Office Individual Stableford

16th November
Floral Art Christmas Party
Clubhouse 9am – 3pm

18th November
Women’s Medal of Medals

26th November
All Sporters Christmas Party

4th December
Vets Christmas Party

6th December
Women’s Christmas Party & Presentation Night

9th December
Volkswagen Scramble 12:30pm Shotgun Start
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