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Round The Traps - 7th February 2019
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G'day Members,

There has been some big revelations in recent weeks with the announcement that Paradise Palms will be closing before June 30. It’s obviously bad news for golf in the region as the facility has been a drawcard since opening almost 30 years ago. The venue has had a number of owners over the years and all have struggled to make the numbers stack up financially so the decision to close, while heart wrenching to most golfers, is understandable in the current economic climate. The Board and staff at CGC probably understand more than most just how difficult it is to balance the books in the modern day sporting environment. There will obviously be some PP Members/Players out in the market looking for a new place to play in coming months. While we won’t be directly targeting these players with sweetener deals to join CGC, we are reviewing all options in relation to Competition Days and the amount of Members our club could accommodate when the closure does occur.

Can whoever has been doing the “rain dance” please stop now? The Club has received over 2 metres of rainfall in 7 weeks, typically the amount we receive over a 12 month period. The good news is that the bulk water has been getting away and not lying around on course, but it is still clearly wet. Everyday it just seems like we are going to finally have a dry spell and then we cop another few mm’s to top up an already very high water table. We’ve raised the heights on all mowers (greens, tees, fairways and rough) but need a few days of sunshine and wind before we’ll be back to our best.

And while we may be a little wet at present, please spare a thought for Townsville & Rowes Bay Golf Clubs who have suffered massive damage from the recent monsoons. I’ve spoken to both Club Managers and they are going to be in a very bad way when the water finally does recede in the coming days. I’d like to try and get a group of people together to travel down to Townsville next weekend to try and assist both clubs get back on their feet. If you think you might be interested in helping, please let me know but we’ll publish further details in the coming days once the Townsville clubs are back on site and in recovery mode.

CGC will be attending the Cairns Biggest Sign On Day at the Cairns Convention Centre on Saturday 16th of February. This year Golf Australia (Qld) have come on board and all clubs in the region have been invited to attend to showcase our sport to the region. It’s great to see Club’s working together for the good of the game.

CGC Member David Cameron has nominated for a Committee position on the FNQGA (Mens) Board. The AGM will be held on Sunday 10th of March and thanks David for your nomination. Good luck with the voting process.

Our long awaited kitchen refurbishment is finally about to start. Next week the works will begin to remove the old asbestos ceiling and replacing the flooring. All up it’s expected to take approx. 6 weeks being funded by a Gambling Community Benefit Scheme. We are also well down the road in negotiations with a sub contractor to take out a lease on the kitchen which should see a return of Friday Night Dinners and more food options for players. We’ll keep you posted on the developments as it happens.

Our very successful Ladies Lets Golf and Junior MyGolf programs are almost underway but the weather certainly hasn’t been conducive to showing new people our great game. For any Women that may be interested, we have a Free Come and Try day this Sunday at 9am (But you still need to register or call the Golf Shop on 4037 6777 for more information)

Hopefully we get a little sunshine soon and we can all get back out on course.

Hope to see you Round the Traps!

Matt Bolton
General Manager

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Well, it seems that every time Jason treats himself to a holiday lately the heavens decide to unleash! I don’t need to tell you all how wet it’s been, you already know that from how much golf you’ve been missing out on, so if the Golf Shop staff are extra chatty lately it’s just because we haven’t had a lot of human interaction. However lonely, it’s been a great opportunity for us to catch up on some of the ‘behind the scenes’ things, making sure the place is tidied and gearing up ready for tournament season.

I’m sure Tim will delve into it in more detail, but we’ve had over a meter of rain in the past week, on top of the meter or so that we had over Christmas. The table is well and truly full with the course sprouting some water hazards (Penalty Areas) in areas that should be dry. The conditions of play have remained much of the same over the last week with Bunkers played as Ground under Repair, Preferred Lies through the General Areas and Carts restricted to Paths only. I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to those that have been doing the right thing in keeping carts to paths, whilst we understand that it can be annoying, it does protect your golf course and means that we can get players and carts back out there sooner than if we didn’t put this in place. If you are desperate to get out of the house, don’t forget that the Driving Range is open and fully covered and if you do need to go for a walk, in a social round ‘tee-ups’ can be bought into play to save you getting covered in mud!

While it’s been quiet, we’ve been using this as an opportunity to study & come up with new ideas to encourage more people to get out and enjoy a hit of golf. Attached is a poster for our 4x4x4 event that will be running on the 22nd of Feb, it’s a great social format playing a stroke round over 4 holes with 4 clubs and each golfer is entitled to 4 mulligans! This is a great way to get non-golfers out in a competition format that they can have a bit of fun with. There will be great prizes and a presentation in the clubhouse after the round. Tee times start from 4:30pm so I hope to see plenty of familiar and hopefully some not so familiar faces filling the clubhouse.

Last week two Cairns Golf Club Juniors were announced as Stars of the Future in the 2019 Titleist/Footjoy Scholarship through Golf Queensland, both Tom Whittle and Annabelle Hutchings were listed with 10 other juniors from around the state, so if you see them around (which they usually are practicing) make sure you congratulate them on such an achievement. If you head online to Junior Golf Queensland’s website to read the full article, you’ll notice that Cairns is the only club to have 2 juniors selected, and it just goes to show how well Jason & Anton are doing with the Junior Programs, as well as the dedication that these two young guns have!

With 2019 getting well underway, if your goal for the year was to improve your handicap or even just to enjoy golf a little more, the Golf Professional Team at the Cairns Golf Club have come on board to help you play to your best potential, at the moment if you buy 4 lessons in a package, they’ll throw in the 5th for free! This is a great way to hone in your skills, making sure you have the complete game from driving right through to chipping and putting over a few lessons. Ask your preferred coach about their availability to get you on track.

We have quite a few events and programs about to start up again for the year:

Callaway Fitting Day on the 1st of March - our first fitting day of the year if you’ve got some Christmas money burning in your pocket… the new Epic Flash has just been released so come in and compare the distance of the Flash to your current clubs!

‘Ladies, Let’s Golf’ is back for 2019 - after another successful year, we’re looking forward to enticing more women to the game & show them how great golf really is, if you know any ladies that might be interested in golf, making new friends or even just getting out of the house let her know about our great program!

MyGolf Junior Program is back for Term 1 - Jason and Anton are back and ready to go for another year with the young-uns, there are limited spaces still available in the 8 classes that they offer, so if you know anyone that may be interested, please register very quickly before the last spaces fill up!

Happy Golfing,


Anyone that has spare old drivers at home they no longer need/want and are happy to donate them to the Golf Club. These drivers will be used for the guests coming to use the driving range facilities. Any generosity will be greatly appreciated. Please drop into the golf shop if this is you.
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