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From the GM's Desk
G'day Members,

It’s been an action-packed week out on course this week. With the CGC Board’s approval, we have taken the opportunity to attack a number of tees on the front 9 and fix some long-standing problems. The major earthworks components are now complete, but our team will still have to spread sand and lay turf which will carry over into next week.

Here’s a list of what’s been achieved this week:

Hole 2 – Yellow tee, flattened tee to remove the very distinct dome appearance.

Hole 3 – Red/Yellow tee, doubled the size and improved transition to the cart path.

Hole 8 – Totally new very large tee in front of the gully in place of old garden.

Hole 8 – Back tee – levelled and increased in size at the rear to be almost twice the size of existing tee.

Hole 9 – Reinstated the old disused forward tee situated after the junction of the cart path.

We’re particularly excited about the improvements on the 8th hole which has rightfully been the source of many complaints over the years. By now having 2 x very large, level tees, the load will be spread over a much larger area meaning a better playing surface for all.

The expected grow in time for all tees is around 8 – 10 weeks which should bring us close to the start of May and the main “golf season”. The works will force a couple of temporary tees to be placed on the 3rd and 8th holes during the grow in period, but the short-term pain will be worth the long-term gain for all members and players at CGC.

While we’ve had the machinery on site, we’ve also taken the opportunity to clean out a few more drains to help get the bulk water away quicker during rain events. Ultimately, we’re trying to get the water away, so you can be back out on course quicker. The much maligned “Rhoeos” or “Moses in the Cradle” plants have also gone from around the 6th tee. The concept behind “no mow” areas are good but unfortunately that plant was not suited for that location and seemed to swallow golf balls regularly. And YES, hundreds of balls came out when they were removed!

In other big news, out of last week’s CGC Board Meeting, the Club is going to move towards a “Skill Based Tees” format in the near future. Golf Australia has been promoting the concept in recent years with Clubs such as Nudgee GC, Wembley GC, Brisbane GC and Maleny GC going in this direction with great success. In recent years, I’ve fielded many requests from our more senior players who are struggling to reach some fairways from the back markers. The skill-based tee concept allows players to choose which set of tees they would like to play from on any given day.

Here’s the short version:

The course is soon to be re-rated by an approved GA official to give 3 distinctly different slope ratings. The course was last rated approx. 10 years ago and there has been a number of changes in that time, so it will be beneficial to get an update.

All players will then be able to choose which of the 3 courses they will play upon arrival at the Club. This occurs via the MiScore App when it’s first opened on the day, or for scorecard players, they would need to advise the staff in the Golf Shop.

The 3 different courses will have 3 different slope ratings which will therefore adjust the players daily handicap. For example, a player has a GA Handicap of 15. If they choose to play the front course, their handicap may drop to 12. If they play the middle course, it may be 15 and if they play the back markers, it may be 18 (numbers used are just for simplicity in explanation) With our current course ratings, there is very little difference between the Blue and White Course for example, meaning not much changes with handicaps. It is envisaged the new slope ratings will have more variance, impacting on the daily handicaps.

The beauty of this concept is that all players remain in the one competition (Men and Women still separate) and players handicaps are adjusted for the slope rating.

Typically, players are given a suggested tee to play, but ultimately the decision on which tee to play rest with the individual. For example: 0 – 9 HCap recommend back markers, 10 – 20 middle tees and 21+ to play on the front tees. (Yet to be formalised)

The existing Red, Blue, White and Yellow tees will change but no formal decision has been made yet on the new colours or names (if any).

There is still some decisions to be made around major events, Club Championships etc and how they would operate.

I understand that this may seem like quite a radical change for some people and may be difficult for some to understand. Please have an open mind to the concept and we will be producing a more detailed information piece to in the coming weeks to answer more questions.

There is also plenty of work to be done yet behind the scenes (new scorecards, signage, course ratings etc), but we are hoping to have the system operating in early May. For low markers, very little will change. This is a big change to promote enjoyment of the game and hopefully keeping some more senior players involved in the game for longer. I’m always happy to have a chat and explain it further in detail if you have any questions or concerns.

Good news this week with the Club finally receiving approval to get rid of the Poker Machines from the QLD Government. They were out the door the very next day. The area is being cleaned up and will be used as a separate meeting room when required after some works are done to the surrounding walls.

This is going to seem a little strange, but recently a range ball was found out on course with a players initials on it. Please remember that driving range balls are not to be used out on course and are the property of the Club. And they don’t go as far, so why would anyone use them out on course!

This week the tap beer pricing in the Clubhouse has been increased on the back of the federal government 6 monthly excise increase. It’s been quite a hot topic in the national media in recent weeks across the country. For the record, the Club Industry operates typically at approx. 62 – 65% Gross Profit (GP%) on Draught Beer sales for venues without Poker Machines and about 60% for Clubs with Pokies. For the last 6 months at CGC, our Tap beer GP% overall was 47%, which is simply far too low. This week’s increases have seen a noticeably larger increase for “non-member” pricing, but there has been an increase also to members pricing. It’s no secret that I like a beer like the next person, especially a cheap one, but the Club simply can’t continue to operate at such a low GP%.

The final bit of good news, the automatic doors (bar end) are being repaired this coming Tuesday. The automatic mechanism had to be custom-made in Melbourne before being shipped to Cairns, ready for installation.
Hope to see you round the traps!

Matt Bolton
General Manager

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Course Superintendent
Hard to believe we are half way through February and hopefully half way through the wet season. The crew and myself have been busy with course maintenance and with over 600mm of rain in January, the water table is full! All the little showers of 5-10mm just make everything wet again – great efforts from my team who have shown their skills keeping the course in playing conditions during the summer months.

Construction has started on a number of tee’s, a few upgrades to the tee complexes on the 2nd and the 9th, with major works underway on hole 3 and 8. It’s very exciting for my staff and myself to be a part of these upgrades to the golf course.

The high temperatures and high humidity mixed in with the rainfall have put the greens under some disease pressure, the team and I are applying regular fungicide applications and encouraging root growth with frequent fertilising. The wet season is the perfect recipe for turf grass disease triangle: host, pathogen, environment. These conditions also favor foreign species (crowsfoot) we have been combating this weed with herbicide and will continue applications in an effort to stop the seed cycle.

The 19th Green is growing in on schedule, I am very happy with the process and the crew an I will continue to top-dress, fertilise, roll and hand weed with an expected first mow in the coming weeks.

Upcoming works will include regular fungicide and foliar fertiliser application to all putting surfaces which will build a healthy root system before the greens renovations in early March. Tee’s, surrounds and fairways will have a fertiliser application along with a growth regulator and bunkers will be maintained according to the weather.

See you on the Course,

Course Superintendent
David Nielsen
Healthy root system
Wet season (654mm in January)
Herbicide application to Crowsfoot
Golf Shop
As per usual for our wet season, the weather is still relatively unpredictable. However, this has certainly not put a dampener on things with our competition fields still attracting 100+ golfers! Moving forward, competition and social times will start to fill up faster so make sure to jump online to the Member’s Portal and lock your times in now!

On the topic of tee time booking, we have noticed that recently there has been some confusion surrounding which tee times can be booked for competition and social play. When booking online, tee times will be labelled in the left-hand side as to what ‘category’ or play those times are for. As ‘competition only’ times take priority on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will have to play competition if you book a tee time in those slots. If you want to bring a guest that does not have a handicap, they will not be able to play during these times. These times have been prioritised for the members that want to play competition. If you want to play with a guest, please book into a ‘comp | social ‘ tee time. If you need any assistance using the Member Portal or determining which tee time suits best, come and see the team in the Golf Shop.

With the hopes of some finer weather in the coming months, we will be rolling into the Eclectic and Order of Merit season starting March 1st. These multi-round competitions will include any member’s scores from all competitions throughout the week (excluding major event weeks) and will conclude on October 31st. There will be a Men’s and Women’s major prize for each of these events, so be sure to come out for as many competitions rounds as you can manage each week!

We still have some Paradym and Stealth 2 Demo and run-out clubs going at some crazy low prices! If you are interested in a great deal, see the team in the Golf Shop!

With the new PING 10k MAX hitting the shelves recently and a very attractive new wedge line coming soon, it is time to have Lachie back with us for a PING Fitting Day. Lachie will be here on Friday the 19th of April with all of the new PING goodies! If you want to come and try the PING experience, see the team in the Golf Shop to book a session. Times will fill quickly!
Happy Golfing!

The Golf Shop Team
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