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2020 12 new courseAs of Monday 14th December 2020 the 9’s have now been swapped. The photo above will now be the 1st tee.

The rational for this decision is: The Club has noticed considerable operational efficiencies during the Covid-19 period in players teeing off the 10th tee. We are looking to gauge member feedback on the possibility to switch over the 9’s. That is the 10th tee becomes the 1st and the 1st becomes the 10th tee.

Here are some of the operational efficiencies by making the switch:

  • 7am Cairns Regional Council noise restrictions prohibit mowing, rolling, motorised bunker raking and spraying greens 2, 4 & 6. For staff safety and player comfort, the existing 1st tee is typically not used in competition play until 6:56am, reducing available tee times. The On Course team can have the (current) Back 9 all prepared for play without any noise concerns.
  • The vacant residential block next to the 1st and 2nd fairways will eventually be built on, making noise restrictions on the (current) front 9 even more of an issue for maintenance.
  • During the Summer months, players could tee off at 6am from the (existing) 10th tee to avoid the heat and allowing considerably more players (comp and social) to access the course
  • Without players on the (current) Front 9, the On Course team have had considerable more time to prep the course without the noise restriction concerns and player interactions.
  • Due to (existing) 10th tee proximity to Golf Shop, players almost always start on time.
  • As the (existing) 10th fairway is longer, players don’t need to wait for green to clear, which often is the case on the 1st, meaning players are starting on time. • Allows for Social play after the comps almost every day.
  • Vacant block next to 1 & 2 will eventually be built on and the 7am noise curfew will become a greater issue. • Old Golf Shop location was previously closer to (exist) 1st tee (8 years ago) making sense for it to be closer to the (exist) 1st tee, but this is now not the case.
  • The 9’s actually have been switched once previously approx. 30 years ago when the course had a major rework.
  • Existing 10th tee is much more visual for Seeded groups in major events and patrons watching from Clubhouse.
  • For visitors/tourists, it’s much easier to explain starting hole location of the (existing) 10th than pointing to the far corner of the property.

The negatives:

  • • Existing 18th as a finishing hole is fantastic for tournament play and viewing from Clubhouse, but is only a couple of times per year.
  • Members often comment that (current) Back 9 is tougher to start on.